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FuelX believes

Technology for go-getters

We built our video advertising technology because we believe in you and in helping you grow your business.

FuelX combines video with data technology to create unlimited targeting power. Your ads reach the perfect audience. And a perfect new customer reaches your business.

Video sells

Competitive companies use video

Customers who watch a product video are 85% more likely to make an online purchase. Even a single exposure to a digital video ad can increase purchase intent by five times.

FuelX works with companies who have exceptional video strategies and assets. We use your product videos and your brand commercials to captivate customers at every stage of the sale cycle.

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Tools that empower

With FuelX targeting and reporting, you’re in control

Target new users based on geography, interests, behavior, demographics and more


User recency is critical. We target users for a short period of time, typically less than 2 days. So the visitors we bring to your site are looking to purchase. Now.

Profiling algorithms

We build profiles of users as they surf the web so that we can target individuals based on what makes them uniquely special.

Look-alike targeting

When you place a cookie on your site, FuelX profiles your best customers. Our algorithms generate audience pools to target new, qualified users.

Massive reach

FuelX partners with the top video networks to reach over 90% of the internet. With FuelX targeting, you reach the perfect audience.

Monitor and measurably improve your campaign with audience insights

Monitor and measurably improve your campaign with audience insights.

Audience insights

To spot your next customer, you need to know your current audience.

Machine learning

Maximize the potential of programmatic with FuelX data, algorithms and machine learning.

Managed accounts

FuelX account managers help you monitor and understand results so we are optimizing towards the right goals.

Powerful dashboard

Simplicity and transparency are core to FuelX reporting. The data is our baby. And we take care to make sure we are providing you with the most important data points so you can properly evaluate your results.

Custom reporting

For managed accounts, FuelX provides custom reporting based on your specific needs. When you sign up, your account manager will establish a regular reporting schedule with the data that matters most to your business.

Resources that help

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Whether or not you have the video, FuelX has the advertising technology to target the perfect audience for your business.

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