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Rethink Video Advertising with FuelX

FuelX is a leading direct response video platform. We’ve built our video advertising technology with conversion in mind. Traditionally, video has been used for branding. FuelX goes one step further to maximize your video assets and drive sales. If you’re spending on brand already, wouldn’t you want to invest in video campaigns that convert?

What Sets FuelX Apart?

We market to the user
not the impression.

Custom segmentation

All of our campaigns are built from the ground up with customized targeting parameters to find your ideal audience

Cookie-less fingerprinting

Profiling and scoring technology frees you from the limitations of cookies and enables you to track individual user behavior across devices

Cross-device tracking

Target and track your viewers across all of their favorite devices

Machine learning optimizations

Use machine learning models to develop insights about your audience pool and optimize your campaigns in real time

This image shows examples of video inventory on multiple devices.

FuelX by the Numbers

million device IDs

billion daily views


Percentage of internet users included in FuelX audience profiling

What You Get

Programmatic efficiency

Programmatic technology lets you reach your customers on all of their devices, on their favorite websites, when they’re ready to buy — all at the best possible cost.


Machine learning optimization

Machine learning models profile millions of users and devices in real time across 150+ attributes to constantly optimize campaign performance.

Video engagement metrics

Exclusive video engagement metrics reveal valuable insights about consumer behavior and drive conversions.

Superior account management

Dedicated account executives monitor campaign spending and performance and provide long-term business strategy advice.

Client Testimonials

“We believe that utilizing digital video campaigns in conjunction with our traditional display and retargeting spend is an extremely effective way to drive brand awareness.  We know our customers are consuming media across formats and devices so it is critical for us to reach our audience regardless of wherever they may be.”

Dan Haarman

Head of Digital Transformation, HP

“Video is a great tool for driving upper funnel interest. Our metrics show that the video campaigns that we have launched with FuelX not only help to build our brand but also drive downstream conversions.”

Danny Gavin

VP Director of Marketing, Brian Gavin Diamonds

“We used FuelX for prospecting and saw our ROI increase 3x as we continued to scale our campaigns. I highly recommend it to any company with video who wants to find new customers at a cost effective rate. The team is fantastic to work with, and implementation was a breeze. If you’re looking to take your video marketing up 10 notches then you need to talk to Fuel X today.”

Craig Bradley

Director of Business Development, ProTrainings

“RAEN has been serving targeted video ads with FuelX for almost a year now and their service has continually outperformed itself allowing us to achieve our sales goals.”

Steven Johnson

Digital Marketing Manager, RAEN

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