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About Us

FuelX was started by three former eBay colleagues who were passionate about bringing transparency to a market that connects buyers and sellers. They saw an opportunity to accomplish this in the world of advertising while working on a video creation app. In doing so, they realized that video creation didn’t need improving, but video distribution did. So, they promised to do this by creating an outstanding fully transparent and results-driven experience to advertisers.

FuelX is an online direct response video platform. It’s built for companies who want to find new customers via their videos. We help companies place their videos in front of their target audience at the right time so that they can turn them from prospect to customers cost-effectively.

Leadership Team

FuelX’s leadership team draws on decades of experience across multiple industries to guide the company towards its strategic goals.

Alex Kazim

Alex Kazim


Alex Kazim is CEO of FuelX. Prior to FuelX, Alex was Senior Vice President for HP.com, where he had P&L responsibility for the $1B retailer operating in 25 countries around the world.

Alex held a number of executive roles at eBay Inc. from 1998 to 2007. As VP of Marketing & Business Operations at PayPal, he more than tripled revenue, led the integration efforts with eBay, and launched PayPal’s Merchant Services Business. In 2004, he was Senior Vice President of eBay’s New Ventures business unit and launched eBay’s Classifieds sites in over 50 cities worldwide. From 2005 to 2007, Alex was Senior Vice President of Product and subsequently led Skype as President.

Alex began his career as a software engineer at Apple Computer where he worked on the Mac OS and Powerbook computers. Alex graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Rice University.

Mary Lou Song

Mary Lou Song

Executive Chairman

Mary Lou Song is the Executive Chairman of FuelX and a veteran Silicon Valley Entrepreneur. Prior to FuelX, Mary Lou joined eBay in 1996 as the company’s third employee because she loved shopping and the Internet.

Later she joined social networking startup Friendster. And her love of writing and the news prompted her to launch Tokoni, a story-sharing site, and Ongo, an aggregated news service. She ultimately launched FuelX with her two co-founders to bring transparency into the advertising industry and help companies learn who their customers truly are.

Mary Lou holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Medill at Northwestern University and a master’s degree in media studies from Stanford University.

Paxton Song

Paxton Song


Paxton Song is COO for FuelX. “Pax”, as he’s more affectionately called, is an entrepreneur at heart. He turned his passion for golf into a Silicon Valley opportunity in 1998, when he joined a startup company that offered custom equipment to golfers online which spurred an interest in the burgeoning ecommerce scene.

His passion for ecommerce led him to eBay, where he led the analytics team and later, as a Product Manager, built display advertising solutions for third-party partners that yielded over $85M in annual revenue.

Upon departing eBay, Paxton founded Veruta, the first self-serve personalized retargeting platform. In 2010, Veruta was acquired by MyBuys, Inc., the leader in online product recommendation services.

Paxton holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and an MSIS and an MBA from Boston University.

Alex Li

Alex Li


Alex Li is CTO for FuelX. Alex’s focus is around platform architecture / infrastructure and machine learning / system automation.

He has previously been the tech lead at Bitsbuy — the first online hardware simulation for PC assembly, Costdot — an OEM marketing automation platform, and Placeguides — a web app for local event management. Prior to his tech lead positions, Alex was a platform engineer for Outspark, a virtual currency platform for games. In addition, he is a patent owner on multiple counterfeit detection technologies.

Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from UC Irvine.

Emily Alojado

Emily Alojado

Vice President of People Operations

Emily Alojado is Vice President of People Operations for FuelX.  Emily has more than 15 years of experience as a recruiting / HR professional.  Emily started her career working in-house for large companies like Mattel and DirecTV, building her foundational knowledge in recruiting.  After having built teams from the inside, Emily pursued a career on the professional services side, helping large and mid-sized companies across verticals scale their organizations. Emily’s specialty is working with executive teams of companies ranging from 15 (pre-Round-A funded) to 300 (Round-D funded) employees to plan their workforces effectively, hire to the highest optimization and position the company for long-term retention and success.

Emily holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from California State University, San Francisco.

Mike Villalobos

Mike Villalobos

Vice President of Sales

Mike Villalobos is Vice President of Sales for FuelX. Prior to FuelX, Mike was the Head of US Brand Direct and Latin America Sales for Virool, a native video DSP out of San Francisco. He held P&L responsibilities, led go-to-market strategies, and owned strategic partnerships with direct clients, agencies, business development partners, and trading desks.

Mike is a customer-centric revenue leader with over 10 years of experience helping multiple startups line up value propositions with customer needs. Mike has also led sales teams for LocBox and DemandForce (an Intuit company) while being an advisor to AmpLive.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing & Psychology from California State University, Chico.

Jaime Lapena

Jaime Lapena

Vice President of Marketing

Jaime Lapena is Vice President of Marketing for FuelX. Jaime is an operational and management leader with a proven track record of building lean marketing teams that accelerate growth. Considered an innovative and data-driven marketer, he has built scalable campaigns leveraging cutting-edge marketing techniques.

Prior to joining FuelX, Jaime was Director of Marketing at Desk.com – a Salesforce Company, scaling the user base from 50 to 5,000 trials per month in less than one year. Jaime has also launched and led Marketing for Virool, a native video advertising platform and was Head of Growth for VentureBeat.

Jaime holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from California State University, San Francisco.


FuelX’s team is growing quickly to support new customers every week. As a privately owned, founder-led company, We’re able to make our own decisions with nothing getting in the way. We focus on the development of promising talent that wants to change the advertising experience for customers. We’re always looking for smart, passionate people who are interested in joining our team in downtown San Francisco.


FuelX believes in helping team members grow in their current role as well as their future career. There’s a focus on the development of promising talent through things like FuelX University (a series of sessions taught by the CEO on startups), open-door mentorship from management, internal business library, and a collaborative approach to developing FuelX as a company. We want people to succeed and it’s our job to help them do so.

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