Direct Response Video Advertising:

The Advanced Guide

Video advertising can transform businesses by engaging consumers on all of their favorite devices. But let’s face it — video advertising can be confusing. Gauging the performance of video ads is difficult, attributing conversions is tricky and advertising technology develops quickly.

After launching thousands of cross-device campaigns, we’ve developed some important insights into the misunderstood world of direct response video advertising — and we want to share them with you. By the time you get to the end of this guide, you’ll understand how to use direct response video advertising to drive conversions for your business and streamline your marketing efforts.


Chapter 1:
The Landscape

This chapter introduces the major players in the digital video advertising landscape and describes how video advertising can be used as a successful full-funnel marketing strategy.

Chapter 2:

This chapter outlines the process for creating engaging creative content and explains how ad networks deliver creative content to consumers.

Chapter 3:
Audience Targeting

This chapter describes how to profile an appropriate audience, optimize a campaign and develop behavioral insights about an audience pool.

Chapter 4:
Measuring Performance

This chapter examines how campaign metrics can be used to increase campaign efficiency, consumer engagement and conversion rates.

Chapter 5:

This chapter explains cross-channel attribution, third party tracking, touchpoints, attribution windows and attribution models.

Chapter 6:
Video and Business Strategy

This chapter describes how to use video conversion data to draw conclusions about consumer behavior and repeat purchase behavior and guide long-term business strategy.

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