Your Guide to the World of Digital Advertising Acronyms

Here are 155 common advertising acronyms that every advertiser should know. Advertising technology changes so rapidly that even the most seasoned advertisers sometimes stumble across a new acronym.

Whether you’re an industry veteran who created some of these acronyms or a rookie who just wants to knowledgeably communicate, this list is a great way to make sure you’re up to speed on the digital advertising landscape.

Stay tuned for more to come. We’ll update the sheet as the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve.

3MS = Making Measurement Make Sense

4A = American Association of Advertising Agencies

ABM = account based marketing

ABS = account based sales

ACV = annual contract value

ADX = Google’s Ad Exchange

AI = artificial intelligence

ANA = Association of National Advertisers

API = application program interface

AR = accounts receivable

ARR = annual recurring revenue

ASP = application service provider

B2B = business to business

B2C = business to consumer

CEO = chief executive officer

CFO = chief financial officer

CIO = chief information officer

COO = chief operating officer

CMO = chief marketing officer

CPO = chief product officer

CSO = chief strategy officer

CTO = chief technology officer

C&C = control and command (server type)

CAC = customer acquisition cost

CAGR = compound annual growth rate

CPA = cost per action

CMS = content management system

CoCA = cost of customer acquisition

COGS = cost of goods sold

CPC = cost per click

CPG = consumer packaged goods

CPGP = cost per gameplay

CPL = cost per lead

CPM = cost per thousand impressions

CPI = cost per install

CR = conversion rate

CRM = customer relationship management

CRO = conversion rate optimization

CSS = cascading style sheets

CTC = click-through conversion

CTR = click-through rate

CX = customer experience

DKI = dynamic keyword insertion

DM = direct mail/direct message

DMP = data management platform

DOM = description of methodology

DR = direct response

DSP = demand-side platform

EOD = end of day

EOW = end of week

ETL = extract, transform, load (data extraction process)

FBX = Facebook Ad Exchange

GA = Google Analytics

GRP = gross rating points

GUI = graphical user interface

HTML = hypertext markup language

HTTP = hypertext transfer protocol

HTTPS = secure hypertext transfer protocol

IAB = Interactive Advertising Bureau

IAS = Integral Ad Science

IO = insertion order (contract that confirms details for an ad campaign)

IoT = internet of things

IP (address) = internet protocol address

IP = intellectual property

ISP = internet service provider

IQG = Inventory Quality Guidelines

IVT = invalid traffic

(G)IVT = general invalid traffic

(S)IVT = sophisticated invalid traffic

KPI = key performance indicator

(C)LTV = customer lifetime value

MCA-ADC = multi-channel attribution across digital channels

MCA-AMS = multi-channel attribution across multiple screens

MCA-O2S = multi-channel attribution, online to store

MMA = mobile marketing association

MMM = marketing mix modeling

MoM = month on month

MQL = marketing qualified lead

MRAID = Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions

MRC = Media Ratings Council

MRE = monthly recurring expense

(C)MRR = (contracted) monthly recurring revenue

MSRP = manufacturer’s suggested retail price

MTA = multi-touch attribution

MTD = month to date

NCTV = number of clicks to convert

NHT = non-human traffic

NPS = net promoter score

OBA = online behavioral advertising

OKR = objective key results

OO(T)O = out of (the) office

OTT = over the top

OV = order value

PC = personal computer

PCTR = predicted click-through rates

PII = personally-identifiable information

PM = project manager

PMP = private marketplace deal

PMP = private marketing platform (as opposed to open-auction buying)

PPC = pay per click

PR = public relations

PSDR = Publisher Sourcing Disclosure Requirements

PTO = paid time off

PV = page view

QBR = quarterly business report

QoQ = quarter over quarter

QR (code) = quick response code

QTD = quarter to date

RFP = request for proposal

RLSA = remarketing lists for search ads

ROI = return on investment

ROAS = return on ad spend

ROE = run-of-exchange

RSS (feed) = rich site summary

RT = retweet

RTB = real-time bidding

SAAS = software as a service

SDK = software development kit

SDR = sales development representative

SEO = search engine optimization

SEM = search engine marketing

SERP = search engine results page

SLA = sales level agreement

SM = social media

SMB = small-to-medium business

SMO = social media optimization

SOV = share of voice (a pre-negotiated ad revenue model contrary to PPC and other pay-for-performance models)

SOW = statement of work

SQL = structured query language

SQL = sales qualified lead

SSP = supply side platform

SVP = senior vice president

SWOT= strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

TAG = Trustworthy Accountability Group

TCV = total contract value (of bookings)

TTC = time to convert

TOV = total order value

UA = universal analytics

UMIA = unified marketing impact analytics

UI = user interface

UTM = urchin traffic monitor

UUID = universally unique identifier

UX = user experience

V2MOM = vision, values, methods, obstacles, measures

VAST = video ad serving template (defined by IAB)

VCPM = cost per viewable thousand impressions (CPM/viewability rate)

VOD = video on demand

VPAID = (Digital) Video Player Ad-serving Interface Definition

VPS = virtual private server

VTC = view-through conversion

WFA = World Federation of Advertisers

WOM = word of mouth

WYSIWYG = what you see is what you get

YoY = year on year

YTD = year to date

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