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What is Direct Response Video Advertising?

FuelX is a unique full-funnel direct response video platform that is designed to transparently drive conversion. Traditionally, the effectiveness of video advertising has been limited by attribution challenges, high costs and a lack of transparency. By aggregating the most engaging ad inventory on the web, streamlining data collection across channels, and developing a profile engine sophisticated enough to target consumers across devices, FuelX has transformed video advertising from a mere branding supplement to a performance advertising tool.

The FuelX platform does not simply deliver your video advertisements to ad networks — it generates a specifically optimized audience for your product from a pool of more than 750 million device IDs, uses machine learning to optimize your campaigns towards your ROI or CPA goals and provides cross-device, multi-channel campaign tracking and control.

How does it work?

We market to the user (not the impression) on all devices to drive measurable conversions.

The FuelX Platform

FuelX is not just a demand-side platform (DSP). FuelX combines the power of a DSP, a data management platform and a customized ad server with proprietary machine learning models to ensure that your videos are only shown on the highest-quality inventory to the most relevant consumers in the most optimized context.

This graphic illustrates how FuelX operates within the programmatic video advertising ecosystem.

Platform Features

This image shows examples of video inventory on multiple devices.

- Cross-device tracking

Target and track your viewers across all of their favorite devices

- Machine learning optimizations

Use machine learning models to develop insights about your audience pool and optimize your campaigns in real time

- Custom segmentation

All of our campaigns are built from the ground up with customized targeting parameters to find your ideal audience

- Cookie-less fingerprinting

Profiling and scoring technology frees you from the limitations of cookies and enables you to track individual user behavior across devices


Programmatic Automation

FuelX programmatic video placement plugs your video content into the most engaging networks on desktop and mobile devices across the internet. Programmatic video advertising is an automated advertising exchange process that algorithmically matches video content with available online advertising inventory in real time. Programmatic video advertising offers a method for targeting specific users and presenting them with a relevant message as they surf the web.

Programmatic video advertising automates the buying, placement and optimization of video ad content and allows marketers to efficiently grow their businesses by leveraging consumer data to maximize advertising efficiency.

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Machine Learning Optimization

Machine learning is a data analysis method that uses algorithms to collect data and use it to continuously self-optimize without the need for manual intervention. To give you maximal insight into your campaign performance, these machine learning models operate transparently and can be manually supervised and updated.

FuelX machine-learning models ensure your advertising dollars are spent as efficiently as possible.

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Campaign Types

FuelX full funnel campaigns are designed to discover new users and drive them all the way down the funnel to conversion. To accomplish this, FuelX employs two primary campaign types:


Find new customers using detailed demographic data, consumer behavior data, contextual targeting tools and machine learning technology. Use data about your current customers to find your next customers.


Retarget new prospects to facilitate engagement and drive conversions. Target consumers who are already familiar with your product by retargeting consumers who have previously clicked on your ads or by retargeting past visitors to your website.

Working With FuelX

The FuelX team is committed to helping all clients achieve their business goals. FuelX offers support every step of the way by providing a comprehensive pre-launch analysis, a fully customized campaign launch, 24/7 campaign support and long-term strategy advising. Learn more about how FuelX will support your business at every point during the campaign lifecycle below.

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Consult with your Account Executive to define an ideal audience pool. Define your specific goals and campaign parameters and place the FuelX tracking pixel on your site to begin data collection. Ensure your content is engaging and relevant. Decide how your video advertising campaign fits into your broader advertising efforts.
Campaign Launch
Use performance predictions, targeting recommendations and campaign strategy suggestions to launch a campaign that is ideally suited to your business’s goals. Test your creative content and website workflow to ensure ad network suitability.
Early Campaign
Use the results of your deep-targeting analysis to create a look-alike audience based on your best customers. Use the results of your performance review to make any manual updates to your campaign. Check your dashboard and your regular reports to monitor campaign success.
Campaign Scaling

Analyze data on repeat purchase behavior and consumer lifetime value to scale campaigns, launch new channels and optimize your overall digital advertising performance.

What will it look like?

FuelX video advertisements appear in the most engaging ad units and are optimized for use on all devices. FuelX partners with the largest and most cutting edge ad networks to ensure that your videos will be served to your target audience in the formats that resonate with them — whether they are browsing their social feeds on mobile devices, shopping on their tablets or watching content on their connected TVs.

The Best Inventory Across All Devices

Your customers have different interests and browsing behaviors — and FuelX has the inventory to match them no matter where they browse. By tapping into the most engaging social networks on the web — and Facebook’s 1.8 billion active users — FuelX inventory ensures that your videos will resonate with your audience. For you, this means that you have access to invaluable viewability metrics that can help you develop consumer behavior insights that you never knew were possible.

Facebook Videos
Tap into the power of the world’s largest social network and show your videos to targeted social audiences.
Pre Roll Videos
Show your video alongside the most engaging video content on the internet.
Native Videos
Incorporate your video into a seamless user experience and drive conversions using native inventory.
In Banner Videos
Take advantage of the most innovative ad inventory in the world and reach users across the web with engaging content on the sites they enjoy.
Connected TV
TVs are smart and so are you. Tap into massive television viewership and use television to deliver performance that has never been possible before.

Video: The Future of Advertising

Video is the most engaging ad unit available, and programmatic technology enables you to accomplish personalized 1-to-1 marketing to millions of viewers instantaneously.

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– how much more likely consumers are to convert after watching a video


of consumers recall video ads from a full 7 days ago

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