FuelX Premium Inventory

Learn more about how engagement metrics can improve your video advertising campaigns.

Viewability Metrics

As your video plays, the video player will collect viewer data in more than 20 categories. Viewers can interact directly with your videos by sharing your content on social networks, signing up for newsletters or viewing customized product recommendations — all without leaving the video player.

Use interactive video inventory to connect directly with your viewers in the most engaging and personalized manner possible. You can also use the data that you collect to refine your creative, develop insights about your audience and increase your campaign efficiency.

Move beyond clicks and interact with your viewers directly. Use the live demo tool below to see how FuelX ads collect data in real time.

As Connected as Your Viewers

Responsive inventory capitalizes on the browsing behaviors of your target audience. As more and more consumers view video content in social and native settings, it is important to make sure that your inventory matches your audience’s browsing habits. FuelX VPAID inventory goes one step further by collecting viewability data generated by your audience as they browse across different devices.

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