Our Vision

The goal is simple.

Give brands greater impact and performance by targeting shoppers who behave as if they are ready to buy.

Our founding team has witnessed years of innovation in ecommerce, but we believe advertising’s digital golden age has yet to come. Most ad dollars are still spent on search terms and social media, where marketers target customers by checking off demographic boxes and hope they picked the right ones. Brands must find a new way to do more and to reach potential customers wherever they are, using highly intelligent targeting technology on shoppers across the open web.

We created FuelX to bring together a kaleidoscope of knowledge on user traits, the activities, and the intents of shoppers across the millions of websites they use every day.

Executive Leadership Team

head shot: Mary Lou Song

Mary Lou Song

Co-Founder, Executive Chair
head shot: Paxton Song

Paxton Song

Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer
head shot: Alex Kazim

Alex Kazim

Chief Executive Officer
head shot: Dan Harmann

Dan Harmann

Chief Revenue Officer
head shot: Emily Alojado

Emily Alojado

VP People Operations

Work with Us

Join a motivated team making advertising better for everyone. We’re not just a media company, we’re a data science company tackling some of the most exciting AI, machine learning, and big data challenges.