FuelX is a commerce indexing company that predicts consumer behavior to drive digital conversions. Our clients include brands strategizing for growth. We help them connect  with both new customers and engage current customers — with full-funnel strategies and a variety of ad types, across the web on any device.

FuelX does not simply deliver your advertisements to ad networks. Our integrated tech stack leverages our FuelX Commerce Indexing Engine to generate a specifically optimized audience for your products from a pool of more than 300 million people and 750 million devices. We deploy the most cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning against this massive data set to optimize your campaigns and exceed your traditional ROI and CPA goals.


Built for speed and efficiency in placements.

Direct Response

Designed for immediate customer engagement.


Made specifically for maximum messaging.

Full Funnel



FuelX uses a full-funnel strategy for all campaigns. The FuelX Indexing Engine first determines your best consumers. And the FuelX Advertising Application prospects those consumers and retargets visitors that we have driven to your site to make sure that they stay fully engaged with your brand. Because the indexing engine uses Artificial Intelligence and Commerce Data simultaneously, the system automatically designs a blend of prospecting and retargeting in real-time for your customers and your company to uniquely drive growth.


FuelX runs advertisements on all major types of premium inventory. We love video, but static works too! Our goal is to discover the ad type that compels a unique shopper to visit and ultimately purchase. Your target customer may respond best to a static in-app ad or an in-banner video. And FuelX serves the ad type that best drives a conversion. 

Pre-Roll Video

Promote your brand before a video plays.

In-Banner Video

Display your videos ads within banner ads.

In-App Video

Tap consumers in apps on mobile devices.

Native Video

Appear as content on publisher sites.

Static & Rich Media

Expand ad formats with visuals and audio.


Static Retargeting

Engage consumers continuously.


Target consumers on social media.


Enable email captures or "likes" directly in ads.

Connected TV

Reach consumers through television.