Integration with Google's DV360 and Campaign Manager

FuelX is integrated with Google’s DV360 and  Campaign Manager (formerly known as DoubleClick Manager or “DCM”). So all of our data comes directly from the industry’s most trusted source — Google.

Our analytics and reporting interface provides you with an easy way to view all of your campaigns and creatives.

We know that there are times when you need to take a closer look at the data and to fully customize reports. That’s why we always provide you with your own Google Campaign Manager login to give you the same visibility that Google gives us.

About DV360 and Google Campaign Manager

Google’s DV360 and Campaign Manager are web-based advertising systems that help us manage your digital campaigns across websites, mobile and ConnectedTV.

The data we get from our integration with DV360 and Google Campaign Manager is used to generate reports on impressions, clicks and conversions.

By combining our proprietary profiling system with DV360 and Google Campaign Manager, we are able to provide robust features for audience targeting, ad serving, attribution and reporting.

The Secret Weapon of Lifestyle Brands

  • Include video in your advertising strategy
  • Take advantage of the Open Web
  • Increase reach for your brand