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The Platform

FuelX is a performance advertising platform that enables our partners to expand reach, acquire customers, and drive revenue.

We are a team of data scientists, computer engineers, and e-commerce experts who leverage both first party data and multiple direct network integrations to tackle the hurdles of the programmatic and performance landscapes. We help you find customers and index their journeys. We give you the ability to engage your audience at the right time, every time.

Maximize your Advertising ROI on the Open Web

Are you highly dependent on Google and Facebook for your digital marketing success? Are you tired of spending too much on too little? How are you finding people on the open web?

We all know that people spend more than half of their time on the open web. But we also know that advertisers spend way more than half their of budgets on a campaign that may or may not work. Let us help you get user’s attention for less money where they spend most of their time. With our integrations across multiple networks, proprietary first party data and behavioral targeting, we know how to find and keep your customer’s attention. We open a new channel of revenue for you on the open web by proudly replicating the success you have had on Facebook.

Optimize your Digital Marketing Cost Structure

Are you leveraging multiple distinct partners for upper and lower funnel strategies?

Our Full Funnel platform approach simplifies complicated and fragmented campaign strategies. We connect branding, viewability, and reach with a dedicated focus on performance. We increase brand lift and find new consumers in market to convert at the same time. We translate that into ROI for your clients by optimizing against CPA goals. You’ll stand out as a champion while we deliver on your behalf.

Agnostic to Format : Display/Video Channels

“Content is King” is not a saying to take lightly so we don’t either. We act as a one stop shop to support video and display creatives for optimized performance to drive growth.

We believe that we need to be agnostic to all creative, content, and device types to target the correct users. We target users across multiple ad networks to match their behavior with the right content at the right time. We use any type of creative to drive customers from discovery to conversion.

Optimization with a Full Funnel Approach

Connecting Upper & Lower

Our Full Funnel platform approach simplifies complicated and fragmented campaign strategies. By connecting branding, viewability, and reach with a dedicated focus on performance, we increase brand lift and find new consumers in market to convert at the same time.

Performance Driven

We understand your investment and focus on optimizing it. Whether you’re driving signups or sales, our platform helps you achieve your goals and bridges the gap between branding and direct response.

Audience by Design

Every customer converts differently. We study online buying behaviors to maximize your reach and optimize your 1-1 targeting. You are able to see a Full Funnel conversion path for every order.

Maximized Revenue Per Visitor

With our robust profiling engine FuelX has been able to maximize the average order value at the most effective cost. 7 out of 10 clients are seeing a higher RPV in comparison to their other core acquisition channels.

How it works


We map customers and devices over multiple networks. This gives us a clear understanding of consumers, their buying behaviors and the devices they favor for conversions.

Integrated Full Stack

We built everything in house so you don’t need to rely on multiple third parties. You can leverage our proprietary DMP, DSP, Ad Server and Ad Bidder for a constant pulse on the market and an efficient spend of your marketing dollars. No need to waste a single penny.


We take your content and get it in front of the right consumer at the right time across multiple networks for you. Real reach. Real people. Real time.

Advanced Machine Learning

We have indexed millions of consumer profiles so you don’t have to. We refresh our indexing in real time to reach consumers when they are in market and ready to buy, giving you the advantage over other predictive targeting platforms.


Our analytics tools give you visibility into results—everything from quartile views to ROI and the ability to compare week over week.

Managed Service

We work directly with you or your agency to do the heavy lifting; everything from setting up campaigns, to real time optimizations and automated reporting. We are only successful if you are, and we love being an extension of your team.