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What is Brand Marketing and Performance Marketing?

Most businesses are aware of a strategic marketing plan for their product or service. This allows successful businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition. Many businesses create brands with hopes of it becoming a familiar and trusted brand. How do advertisers and companies know whether or not to choose a brand or performance marketing campaign?

What is Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing is marketing through brand recognition. A brand is often recognized by a logo or slogan. A company hopes that when their brand is seen or heard, a customer will automatically recall their experience. Brand Marketing is equally beneficial for brands that are starting out as well as brands that are already major players. It works to not only attract new customers through sentiment, recognition, and connection, but also to solidify customer loyalty with the existing base of followers.

Benefits of an effective brand:

  • Emotional connection with a larger audience
  • Helps influence a customer’s purchasing decision
  • Communicates the quality of the product
Publishers are guaranteed pay so long as the ad/brand is shown and viewed, e.g. billboard or business cards (places a logo can be placed and seen). An effective, well known, and thought out brand will allow a company to get far. However, a potential downside to brand marketing is that there is no guarantee that a particular campaign will do better than another. There is no measurement involved with brand marketing.

Potential Pitfalls

Poor location

Brands have a tougher time being recognized in areas where the target audience cannot see or relate to the brand.

Poor targeting

If the brand is targeting an audience that has no interest in their product or business then their campaign and brand go unnoticed.

Lack in demand

If a company targets an audience that doesn’t need or want the product, then the ad is wasted.

Product/service quality

If the quality of the product is faulty, then the whole brand and business will have a faulty reputation with the audience.


If another company has a more effective and attractive brand marketing campaign, chances are consumers will prefer that business.

What is Digital Performance Marketing?

Digital Performance Marketing is marketing for the digital world. Performance is defined as users who purchase or convert on a defined metric that is aligned with business or campaign growth. Unlike Brand Marketing, Performance Marketing analyzes and measures whether a campaign moved the revenue needle or not to increase ROI. Initially, programmatic advertising was meant for efficient ad spending, but it is now going one step further and optimizing for ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). Performance Marketing, however, is a bit trickier because advertisers are only paid when an action has been completed (sale, lead, click).


  • Compliance-related issues with regulatory rules
  • Possible publisher fraud
  • The placement transparency of ads

Less risk for the advertiser

Measured data is easy for the advertiser analyze which campaigns work and which ones do not.

Targeted audiences

Sorting and analyzing collected data ensures that a company will target the right audiences for a higher chance of conversion.


Performance Marketing guarantees product/service exposure to the right audiences rather than blind placements.


Fraud Detection

Fraud detection is big in the Performance Marketing world to ensure that advertisers do not fall victim to publisher fraud. FuelX is a Performance Marketing platform that maximizes ROI on the open web. FuelX uses a fully integrated tech stack to ensure that a company’s ad is placed in front of the right user at the right time on the right device. FuelX targets net new customers to take action with a full funnel approach by driving initial awareness all the way through to purchase/ conversion/ re-targeting. FuelX is able to reach consumers across their multiple devices at scale with a tech stack that collects, analyzes, and indexes data in real time. This creates an optimized profile for each consumer and ensures awareness of a brand/logo. FuelX’s Ad Server is equipped with fraud detection to ensure transparent and honest results for performance marketing measurements.

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