FuelX indexes consumers to predict shopping behaviors and drive purchases for advertisers.


Your job is to drive growth for your company. Our job is to help you ignite it — whether you want to reach net new customers or re-engage lapsed ones.


You set the goals. Our machine-learning technology auto-optimizes to deliver new users, to re-engage lapsed users and ultimately to achieve a positive ROI.


You need a managed service. We have a solution and more. FuelX offers a full tech stack with integrated programmatic ad serving, data management platform and machine- learning technologies.


It’s not about just serving an impression.
It’s finding the right customer. 


FuelX targets consumers across all of their devices. Whether a shopper sees your ad on their phone or their desktop first — or even connected TV — we make sure that they end their journey with a conversion on your site.


FuelX serves ads to consumers in formats that are best for conversions. A consumer may love videos or static ads. FuelX shows the right ad on the right device to the right person at the right time — to prime them for a conversion.


FuelX indexes the commerce habits of more than 400,000,000 shoppers across 900,000,000 devices to determine who should be targeted — and when, where and how they should experience your ad.

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The best brands rely on us to drive their growth.

Campaigns starting at $10,000/mo.

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