Commerce Indexing

Artificial Intelligence

Commerce Data

FuelX has built cutting-edge technology that predicts consumer behavior to drive digital conversions. We combine Artificial Intelligence and Commerce Data to power the FuelX Indexing Engine. Consumers generate over 2.6 gigabytes of digital data every minute. Analysis of this commerce data without AI is simply impossible. That’s why AI has been at the heart of the company since its founding. We are a team of data scientists, computer scientists and marketplace experts. For the last five years, our team has been pioneering the use of machine learning and AI to analyze complex commerce data and unlock shopping behavior.  And we believe that the FuelX Commerce Indexing Engine can uniquely help you  grow your business.

400 M


900 M


1,800 Tb/yr.


Advertising Platform

The FuelX Advertising Platform intelligently integrates a proprietary Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Ad Server, and leverages our indexing engine to singularly determine who to target, how and when. Your target customer may respond best to a static in-app ad or an in-banner video, depending on where they are in their customer journey. They may be ready to buy on one site but not another. Or maybe it’s the time of day. Our goal is to discover the right combination of thousands of variables  that compels a unique shopper to visit your site and to ultimately complete a purchase.

Machine Managed

The FuelX Commerce Indexing Engine has been built to profile and target specifically optimized audience for your products. Most of our clients choose to use our engine to manage their campaigns and strategies. When they do they will see a single campaign that tests thousands of strategies in real-time to maximize the probability  of driving a conversion with a particular user.

Client Managed

Some clients prefer managing their own campaigns, setting the parameters of their strategies and being responsible for hitting their performance goals. We support this level of control, but  we believe that the FuelX Commerce Indexing AI can manipulate and test more facets for conversion — and faster — than any human.

Analytics Platform

The FuelX Analytics Platform offers powerful tools to give marketers visibility into conversions and all the touchpoints throughout a customer journey. 


Measure the relative performance of all of your advertising channels.


Understand the completion rates of your video advertising.

Customer Journey

See all the conversion touchpoints in a customer journey.

Fueled For Growth

Our integrated tech stack leverages our Commerce Indexing platform to generate a specifically optimized audience for your products from a pool of more than 400 million people and 900 million devices. We deploy the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning against this massive data set to optimize your campaigns and exceed your traditional ROI and CPA goals. Brands partner with FuelX for Net New Business and ROI.