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Finding Users on the Open Web

Most companies are highly dependent on Google and Facebook for their digital marketing success. We think they're spending too much and getting too little. FuelX helps you find customers on the open web.

People spend more than half their time on the open web but advertisers spend way more than half their budgets optimizing for social and search. Let us help you get user's attention where they spend more of their time in a cost effective way. We can make Display and Video work for you with our integrations across multiple networks, proprietary first party data, and behavioral targeting. We know how to find and keep the attention of your customers.

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Automated Full-Funnel Strategies

You shouldn't have to overpay for a customer because your top and bottom funnel strategies aren't connected.

automated-funnel-strategies-textFirst-ClickLast-ClickTop of FunnelThe Old Way:Our Way:ProspectingThe largest audience engagement, wherethe purpose is to trigger awareness andfacilitate early consumer interactions withthe brand.Bottom of FunnelRetargetingRepresents a narrower audience, where the goalis to finalize conversions. At this stage the targetaudience is far more likely to make a purchase.Full-FunnelOptimizedOur full-funnel platform approach simplifiescomplicated, fragmented campaign strategies.By connecting branding, viewability, and reachwith a dedicated focus on performance, weincrease brand lift and find new in-marketcustomers to convert at the same time. This translates directly to ROI, optimizing againstyour unique CPA goals. You’ll stand out as a champion as we deliver on your behalf.

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Managed Service

You are working hard at building a business. Let us help you find the right customers.

By understanding your marketing goals we can come up with a tailored solution to meet and exceed your performance metrics. We set up specific strategies and campaigns to help you scale and offer a dashboard with detailed reporting.
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Attribution and Analytics

Do you have an attribution model in place? Can you track cross device? How do you know that the ad you're serving is convincing a user to convert and when it was most impactful?

With FuelX Analytics, you are able to dive into your customers journeys, measure attribution and understand the way they shop and engage with you and your ad spend. We show you data about your customers that you can’t get anywhere else including how their journeys move across devices and which channels (even the ones that aren’t FuelX) impact their buying decisions.

Analytics and ReportingAnalytics and ReportingAnalytics and ReportingAnalytics and Reporting


If their shirts don't bark loud enough, their ROI sure does.
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Watching ROI increase significantly time and time again.
Increased traffic and ROI while chilling out

Our performance marketing platform helps you maximize your ROI on the open web.

We'd love to show you how.

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